Lobi 8 Colors to Choose


“Lobi is the Porsche of wax vape pens.” Lobi’s quartz atomizer and isolated vapor path guarantee pristine flavor and massive clouds. pristine flavor every time. And on top of that, Lobi is super easy to clean! If you want to be the envy of your vape gang, you can’t go wrong with Lobi. Order yours today!

Why choose Lobi?

  • Superior battery life — with 1200mAh of juice, Lobi is a power horse that lasts through the day… and then some
  • The real deal flavor — our full quartz, coil-less atomizer delivers scrumptious, terpene-y hits … and it’s easy to clean
  • ZERO burnt taste — the Lobi doesn’t combust your product… instead, it heats up terpenes slowly so you can enjoy them
  • Clean, cool vapor every single time — the Lobi sports an isolated & adjustable airflow… no spitback, ever
  • Made from food-grade materials — you won’t find any glues here… or porous plastic for that matter

All Kind Pen vaporizers come with our best-in-the-industry lifetime warranty – learn more here. Add it to your cart today and join thousands of satisfied Kind Pen vapers!

Lobi 8 Colors to Choose