Delta 8 THC Lean Syrup 2,000mg 236mL 3 Flavors


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THC Lean Syrup can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can drink it like you would with a tincture. Directly or sublingually on your mouth and tongue are both options. Apply the recommended quantity and wait up to two minutes for the concoction to sink into your oral cavity before swallowing. You can also use THC syrups in drinks. Mix inconsiderable amounts of syrup into non-alcoholic beverages like ginger beer or soda, swirl well, and consume one at a time. You can also take your THC syrup as “alcohol” in the form of shots.

Lean Syrup Delta 8 THC
Delta 8 THC Lean Syrup 2,000mg 236mL 3 Flavors
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