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Is CBD Supply MD a Franchise?

No ! We are not a franchise. CBD Supply MD offers retail partners the ability to license our name, brand, logo, to build their own company and store. We do not charge royalties or fees that may be incurred with a franchise.

Consultation & Training Included

Not only do our CBD products stand out among the competition, but we offer our Retail License Partners (we are not a CBD franchise) an amazing opportunity for helping us grow the brand! As a store owner, you get consulting and training through the entire process.

Lease Negotiation, Retail Layout Planning, & more

We will help you pick a location and negotiate the lease, we can advise you on decorations and furniture, and even put you in touch with our network of professionals to handle signage, book keeping, marketing, legal advice, insurance, merchant services, and more! We have developed a process to opening a store that is cost effective and efficient for your success.

Buy In To A Proven CBD Store Business Model

Our stores are currently having different levels of success! Stores can generate upwards of $100,000 monthly in sales! We typically see (with proper marketing, training, and locations) stores around the 60-day mark selling $35-55,000 Monthly.

CBD Supply MD Store Opportunity  Available!
CBD Supply MD Store Locations are available in All 50 States. If you want to be a part of a fast-growing industry and help people at the same time, please Send a Email to cbdsupplymd@gmail.com

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