250mg Full Spectrum Sublingual Drops Indica Relaxing Orange Flavor


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Organic, full-spectrum, CO2 extracted, third-party tested, hemp-derived CBD!
Includes MCT oil, cannabidiol (CBD), and a perfect blend of either our energizing and sedating terpene blends!
Formulated by our Chief Science Officer, a board-certified toxicologist and pharmacologist.

Our full-spectrum sublingual drops include 50mg/mL (regular strength) and 100mg/mL (extra strength) of CBD, and are available in three different sizes (5mL, 10mL, and 30mL). Based in MCT oil, we use only therapeutic-grade essential oils to add flavoring in either crisp Peppermint or refreshing Sweet Orange (also available in Plain).

Research indicates CBD is more effective when all of the cannabinoids (to include THC), and all of the terpenes are present, which is why we use full-spectrum oil in nearly all of our products! We include additional terpenes in either Sativa (energizing; intended for mornings/afternoons) or Indica (sedating; intended for evenings) to further enhance the benefits of CBD, but also to provide their own therapeutic effects. A fantastic option for systemic pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress.

**Full description, ingredients list, and test results below.

**Note: You will not feel “stoned” when consuming a full-spectrum product (includes THC at 0.3% or less), however, you CAN potentially fail a urinalysis. If you cannot have even a trace amount of THC in your system, we recommend using our isolate sublingual drops (99% CBD, 0% THC).

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